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The DJI Goggles are comfortable goggles designed for seamless FPV flying with DJI products. [1] They combine a pair of large ultra-high quality screens, long-range, low lag wireless connectivity, and direct control of photo and video capture. With Intelligent Flight Modes like ActiveTrack, TapFly, Terrain Follow, Cinematic Mode and Tripod mode, a totally new flying dimension is created.

DJI Goggles are able to offer both 720p/60fps and close range 1080p/30fps viewing [2] with an extremely low latency of just 110ms. [3] Through DJI’s OcuSync wireless transmission system, up to four devices can be connected to the Mavic Pro simultaneously. [4] Antennas built into the headband ensure 360° of coverage, offering a reliable connection even if the aircraft is flying behind you. [5] Share the fun of immersive flying with friends by giving them a bird’s eye view of the world as you pilot their experience.

DJI Goggles are a perfect pair with DJI’s new Intelligent Flight Mode: Fixed-Wing Mode. In this mode, the aircraft doesn’t turn left or right but instead flies forward with enough rotational movement for realistic flight simulation. Combined with Head Tracking Mode, you can use your head to control the Mavic Pro for a fully realized flight experience.
An AR trajectory prediction feature in Fixed-Wing Mode makes using this mode in complex environments safer. Other Intelligent Flight Modes include Terrain Follow, ActiveTrack, TapFly, Cinematic Mode and Tripod Mode.

[1] DJI Goggles supports Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 series and Inspire series. Some functions will be adapted for different DJI Products.
[2] HD mode: 1080p/30fps: near-field with no interference; 720p/30fps: at long range or with interference; Smooth Mode: 720p/60fps

DJI Occhiali - Goggles DJI foto n. 2
DJI Occhiali - Goggles DJI foto n. 3
DJI Occhiali - Goggles DJI foto n. 4
DJI Occhiali - Goggles DJI foto n. 5
DJI Occhiali - Goggles DJI foto n. 6
DJI Occhiali - Goggles DJI foto n. 7
DJI Occhiali - Goggles DJI foto n. 8
DJI Occhiali - Goggles DJI foto n. 9
DJI Occhiali - Goggles DJI foto n. 10

[3] Using the Mavic Pro, stream wirelessly at 720p/60fps and record video at 720p/120fps
[4] For Mavic Pro with two pairs of DJI Goggles and two RCs only
[5] The use of a spotter is essential when wearing DJI Goggles. The aircraft should not fly beyond the spotter’s line of sight.
[6] DJI Goggles can only play content downloaded from DJI drones.





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