HOBBYWING Motore Skywalker 2316SL-980KV Black G1 - Classe 2850 (HW30415050)

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The first generation of the 23-series Skywalker motors brings RC hobby pilots with fixed-wing models a whole new flying experience. They are also a suitable complement to the already established Skywalker ESCs and achieve around 10% more output power than comparable motors with similar specifications.

The Skywalker aircraft motors have a special propeller attachment that ensures an overall higher torque. And the motor, equipped with N48 magnets, takes advantage of exactly that to ensure maximum torque output. Incidentally, no problems due to excessive heating are to be expected. After all, there is a generous cavity in the motor, which, together with the self-draining structure of the top cover, increases the cooling performance. And together with other high-quality components such as the 0.2mm JNEH1200 silicon steel sheet and the high-temperature-resistant enameled wire, these engines are ready to travel the skies for a long time.

The rotor itself has been designed to noticeably reduce potential motor vibrations and ensure smoother operation overall. The rotor is also secured through the interaction of the various components in order to further increase the reliability of the Skywalker motors.


  • Powerful motor
  • Ideal as a complement to the Skywalker ESCs
  • Optimized rotor running
  • Designed for effective cooling and heat dissipation
  • 18AWG silicone cable

Technical Specifications:

Type: Brushless
kV Rating: 980kV
No-Load Current: 1.5A/14.8V
Resistance: 53.6m Ohm
LiPo Cells: 3-4S LiPo
Slots & Poles: 12N14P
Max. cont. Current: 31A/240s
Max. cont. Power: 455W/240s
Phase Cable: 18AWG, 100mm
Bearing: 684ZZ (D9 x d4 x 4)
Diameter: 28.8mm
Length: 50mm
Shaft Diameter: 4mm
Weight: 79g
Recommended ESC: Skywalker V2 30A-40A
Props: 3S: 10x6E, 11x5.5E
4S: 9x4.5E, 9x6E, 10x5E
Clip Mounting Hole Thread: D:12mm-3 x M2.5
Base Thread: D:16mm-2 x M3
D:19mm-2 x M3


1x Skywalker motor 2316 SL 980kV
1x Manual


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